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Project Flamingo is an incredible initiative started by Dr Liana Roodt in 2010 in Cape Town, South Africa.  Dr Roodt recognised the dire need to help newly diagnosed patients with breast cancer, by shortening their waiting time for life saving surgery.   This truly proactive NGO arranges ‘catch up’ surgeries over weekends, with the help of a team of saintly volunteers.

Currently these surgeries are taking place at select public hospitals in Western and Eastern Cape.   To date more than 600 patients have received surgeries through this initiative.

Medinox donates a portion of profits from the sale of mx Pink Nitrile Gloves as well as Fabric Flamingo masks on a monthly basis.  To read more about Project Flamingo, please visit


Dog fighting is an inhumane blood-sport where dogs, who have been bred, conditioned and trained to fight, are pitted against each other to fight. In most cases dog fights are for spectator entertainment and financial gain. Dog fighting is a thriving underground crime that may be happening in your community without you even knowing about it! Most dogs that are used for fighting live a miserable life where they are kept chained or caged in poor living conditions for most of their lives.

Medinox sponsor the Cape of Good Hope SPCA by covering the salary of one full time inspector in Cape Town, who is dedicated to fighting the dog fighting cause.  If you would like to know more, please click here (pdf of dog fighting unit).  Also visit to find out more about how you too can help the SPCA.