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Wound Care

Alcohol Swabs

An outstanding quality crepe bandage with comfortable elasticity, that comes standard with clips. mx™ crepe is cotton-rich, and also boasts high elasticity which is important for the support of injuries. mx™ Crepe Bandages with clips are also non-fraying and re-washable.

Dressing Trays

Dressing Trays

Fabric Roll Plaster

mx™ Fabric Roll Plaster is an adhesive plaster on a convenient roll. Coated with adhesive zinc oxide, the plaster has strong, long-lasting adhesion. mx™ Fabric Roll Plaster is also highly porous, allowing the skin to breathe. It is particularly ideal for strapping injured fingers and securing bandages. However, it is also a versatile plaster for general wound care.

Gauze Swabs

mx™ Gauze swabs are 8-ply, 100% cotton swabs that are soft and absorbent for various wound care applications.