mx™ Nylon Sutures | Various Sizes Available

A non-absorbable, monofilament suture with a superior grade needle and reliably consistent material, the mx™ Nylon Sutures is ideal for most of your conventional skin closures.

mx™ Sutures are manufactured using technologically advanced inputs and a quality-controlled process. They are made from top quality materials and needles that are sourced from all over the world. Extreme care is taken when assembling the sutures and each one is strength-tested before packaging. The breaking strain benchmark is around 50% above USP. As a result, the suture is guaranteed to perform at the highest level. Medinox is also a firm believer in fair market pricing hence medical institutions can now lower the cost of sutures to their patients without compromising on quality.

Available in (12’s):

  • 2/0 70cm R/C 3/8 26mm
  • 3/0 70cm R/C 3/8 19mm
  • 4/0 70cm R/C 3/8 19mm
  • 5/0 45cm R/C 3/8 19mm
  • 6/0 45cm R/C 3/8 16mm
Additional information

Additional information

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Suture Nylon 2/0 RC 3/8 26mm, Suture Nylon 3/0 RC 3/8 19mm, Suture Nylon 3/0 RC 3/8 24mm, Suture Nylon 4/0 RC 3/8 19mm, Suture Nylon 5/0 RC 3/8 19mm, Suture Nylon 6/0 RC 3/8 16mm